Wig Stands

Sean Cahill

“Just wanted to pass on the loveliest story! After Theo’s webinar on the pedestal table I ended up talking to a lovely lady in Ontario who makes wig stands for cancer patients! I didn’t realise who important something g like this was so I put Theo’s teachings to use and made two for a local lassy here in Ayrshire! I then got I touch with Macmillan cancer here in Britain and posted on my fb page asking people to donate enough to cover the costs of a stand so that I could make more mad send them to people who need them! I’ve not worked since Dec so couldn’t cover the costs myself but was happy to do the work!”

John McNay


“Here is a selection of wig stands that Strathclyde Woodturners donated to the Glasgow Beatson oncology unit.

These are loaned to patients at the unit as required. I made mine 34cm overall height but the dimensions can vary.”