Chad Schimmel’s Demonstrations

Pen Perfection

With Chad Schimmel from his studio workshop in Phoenix, Arizona

Pen turning is an extremely popular field for woodturners, offering projects that are decorative, functional and they make great gifts too.

In this Live Session we welcome Chad Schimmel from the Turners Warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona, to share with us his years of Pen Making expertise.

Chad will walk us step by step through the fundamental techniques required to create a beautiful segmented pen.

We will learn about the tools, materials and hardware that is available, as we watch the entire process from blank preparation to finishing techniques.

Pens are a fantastic way to showcase specimen timbers, and the use of resins create infinite ways to explore your creativity… so come and join us for this great learning opportunity.

In this project Chad will cover:

  • Materials check list
  • Building the Blank
  • Guidance for glue
  • Preparation and Turning
  • Finishing