July 29, 2021




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Treen for the Table – With Andrew Hall from his studio workshop in County Durham, England


Platter & Bowl

The definition for the term Treen is ‘of the tree’ and describes various small functional handmade items, made from wood.

Examples of Cups, plates, bowls and spoons that are crafted from single pieces of timber can be found that date back centuries, and are highly collectable items.

Join Andrew in this next Record Power Live Session and learn how to create your own heirloom for generations to come.

We welcome you to join us to see how it’s done.

In this project Andrew will cover:

  • How to turn an bowl and platter
  • General health and safety for woodturning 
  • Side grain or faceplate turning 
  • Timber selection for turned tableware  
  • Sanding safely and finishing to a food safe standard 

Please check Times and Dates for your Time Zone

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USA & CANADA – Thursday 29th July

  • 02:30 / 2.30am (PDT) – early morning
  • 03:30 / 3.30am (MDT) – early morning
  • 04:30 / 4.30am (CDT) – early morning
  • 05:30 / 5.30am (EDT) – early morning

SOUTH AMERICA – Thursday 29th July

  • 05:30 / 5.30am (BOT) – early morning
  • 06:30 / 6.30am (ART) – early morning

UNITED KINGDOM – Thursday 29th July

  • 10:30 / 10.30am (BST)

EUROPE – Thursday 29th July

  • 11:30 / 11.30am (CEST)
  • 12:30 / 12.30pm (EEST)

SOUTH AFRICA – Thursday 29th July

  • 11:30 / 11.30am (SAST)

RUSSIA – Thursday 29th July

  • 12:30 / 12.30pm (MSK)

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Thursday 29th July

  • 13:30 / 1.30pm (GST)

AUSTRALIA – Thursday 29th July

  • 17:30 / 5.30pm (AWST) WA
  • 19:00 / 7.00pm (ACST) SA, NT
  • 19:30 / 7.30pm (AEST) NSW, VIC, TAS, ACT, QLD

NEW ZEALAND – Thursday 29th July

  • 21:30 / 9.30pm (NZST)