The Ebonised Platter


With Emma Cook from the Record Power studio workshop in Chesterfield, England

The Live Sessions Stream Team welcomes Emma Cook, aka – The Tiny Turner who will introduce us to….

The Ebonised Platter

we hope that you can join us!

Emma is a registered professional woodturner in the UK, having over 20 years of experience in the craft. She began turning at the age of 16 and soon realised she wanted to turn her new hobby into a career. After graduating from university where she attained a BA(Hons) in Performance Design, she launched her brand ‘The Tiny Turner’.

Since then, Emma has become a popular demonstrator throughout the UK, branching out into America over the last couple of years via remote demonstrations. She also runs a successful YouTube channel hosting regular livestreams and providing project tutorials; and has build an online shop via her website that sells all sorts of things for woodturners.

Emma is also a skilled wood carver and enjoys combining both crafts to create some truly unique items.

In this session, Emma covers:

  • What wood is good… for turning Platters and Bowls?
  • Turning a platter using a traditional grind bowl gouge
  • Looking at proportions for platter layouts
  • Ebonising: the pros and cons of the different techniques available
  • Adding leather cord as an embellishment

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Wednesday 12th October

7:30pm BST Prime Time for UK

USA & CANADA – Wednesday 12th October

11:30 / 11.30am (PDT)
12:30 / 12.30pm(MDT)
13:30 / 1.30pm (CDT)
14:30 / 2.30pm (EDT)

SOUTH AMERICA – Wednesday 12th October

14:30 / 2.30pm (BOT)
15:30 / 3.30pm (ART)

UNITED KINGDOM – Wednesday 12th October

19:30 / 7.30pm (BST) – PRIME TIME

EUROPE – Wednesday 12th October

20:30 / 8.30pm (CEST)
21:30 / 9.30pm (EEST)

SOUTH AFRICA – Wednesday 12th October

20:30 / 8.30pm (SAST)

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Wednesday 12th October

22:30 / 10.30pm (GST)

AUSTRALIA – Thursday 13th October

02:30 / 2.30am (AWST) WA – early morning
04:00 / 4.00am (ACST) NT – early morning
04.30 / 4.30am (AEST) QLD – early morning

05.00 / 5.00am (ACDT) – SA – early morning

05.30 / 5.30am (AEDT) NSW, VIC, TAS, ACT – early morning

NEW ZEALAND – Thursday 13th October

07:30 / 7.30am (NZDT)

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