Live Session Extravaganza – Canada

Record Power Live Session
 2.5-hour Extravaganza

Mike, Craig and Ruby are getting together in Canada, to host and demonstrate, at the next Live Session …

Live from the Stockroom Supply stage at the Hamilton Woodworking Show . 

Please check Times and Dates for your Time Zone Carefully.

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Saturday 21st October 2023

7:30pm BST – Prime Time for UK

USA & CANADA – Saturday 21st October

11:30 / 11.30am (PDT / MST)
12:30 / 12.30pm(MDT)
13:30 / 1.30pm (CDT)
14:30 / 2.30pm (EDT)

SOUTH AMERICA – Saturday 21st October

14:30 / 2.30pm (BOT)
15:30 / 3.30pm (ART)

UNITED KINGDOM – Saturday 21st October

19:30 / 7.30pm (BST) – PRIME TIME

EUROPE – Saturday 21st October

20:30 / 8.30pm (CEST)
21:30 / 9.30pm (EEST)

SOUTH AFRICA – Saturday 21st October

20:30 / 8.30pm (SAST)

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Saturday 21st October

22:30 / 10.30pm (GST)

AUSTRALIA – Sunday 22nd October

02:30 / 2.30am (AWST) WA – early morning

04.00/ 4.00am (ACST) NT – early morning

04.30/ 4.30am (AEST) QLD – early morning

05.00/ 5.00am (ACDT) SA – early morning

05.30 / 5.30am (AEDT) NSW, VIC, TAS – early morning

NEW ZEALAND – Sunday 22nd October

07:30 / 7.30am (NZDT)

Here’s the programme…

we hope that you can join us!

Can we get all this done in 2.5 hours?

The stopwatch will be on.

Welcome from the Live Session Stream Team – at the Hamilton Woodworking show, Canada

Pendant Perfection – with Theo

In this project Theo shows how to create the perfect pendant for a special person. Not only will you learn about timber selection, tool techniques, and texturing, Theo will also share how to apply colour and compatible finishes.

Ruby’s Rudimentary Guide to Woodturning  

Ruby joins us on stage to share her woodturning wisdom. In this session Ruby explains the principals of cutting direction and tool presentation based on grain orientation. Ruby covers both face plate work and turning between centres.

Turning your Spindle Gouge into a skew – with Theo

Theo demonstrates how versatile a sharp spindle gouge can be, as he demonstrates how to guide his gouge to cut like a skew.

Scroll Chuck Maintenance – with Craig

Craig breaks down a scroll chuck into component pieces, and demonstrates how to clean and maintain this essential part of the woodturners toolkit. Thankfully Craig demonstrates how to put the bits back together again!

Theo Demonstrates how to Turn with Shadows.

In this demonstration, Theo will show you how to turn spheres of any size without using a special jig or tool.

The secret is the single LED light that Theo centres over the work, casting a shadow onto a backing board. It’s then simply a matter of turning away the shadows!

Are you intrigued?… Check out this demonstration to learn how it’s done.

Simple carved embellishment for Woodturners – with Mike

Mike Shares 6 x essential techniques for woodcarving, and then demonstrates 3 x simple carved decorations to add a unique point of difference to your woodturning projects.

Micro Turning – with Theo

You’ll need your magnifying glass for this demonstration, as Theo shares how to create tiny turnings.


If the times don’t work for you this week, stay tuned….we have plenty more Live Sessions coming to accommodate different times zones!