June 29, 2021




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Flipping Tippy Tops – With Theo Haralampou from his studio workshop in Brisbane, Australia


Become a flipping superstar with Theo’s Tippy Tops

These little beauties are spun with the fingers with the head down, go into a wobble and then flip right up onto the stem and keep spinning. 

Flipping Tippy Tops are an absolute favourite for children and grown ups alike.

They provide endless fun and if you make a few…..see which invert the fastest and which ones spin the longest !

As an added bonus, Theo will show you an ‘add-on feature’ never seen before,  that will make these beauties spin longer than any others you may have seen or made.

A demonstration not to be missed.

In this project Theo will cover:

  • The science behind the magic of inverting tops
  • How to ensure they invert every time
  • Tips on tool control for fine turning
  • Decoration and colouring techniques
  • Dimensions and materials

Please check Times and Dates for your Time Zone

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USA & CANADA – Tuesday 29th June

  • 16:30 / 4.30pm (PDT)
  • 17:30 / 5.30pm (MDT)
  • 18:30 / 6.30pm (CDT)
  • 19:30 / 7.30pm (EDT)

SOUTH AMERICA – Tuesday 29th June

  • 19:30 / 7.30pm (BOT)
  • 20:30 / 8.30pm (ART)

UNITED KINGDOM – Wednesday 30th June

  • 00:30 / 12.30am (BST) – just after midnight

EUROPE – Wednesday 30th June

  • 01:30 / 1.30am (CEST) – early morning
  • 02:30 / 2.30am (EEST) – early morning

SOUTH AFRICA – Wednesday 30th June

  • 01:30 / 1.30am (SAST) – early morning

RUSSIA -Wednesday 30th June

  • 02:30 / 2.30am (MSK) – early morning

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Wednesday 30th June

  • 03:30 / 3.30am (GST) – early morning

AUSTRALIA – Wednesday 30th June

  • 07:30 / 7.30am (AWST) WA
  • 09:00 / 9.00am (ACST) SA, NT
  • 09:30 / 9.30am (AEST) NSW, VIC, TAS, ACT, QLD

NEW ZEALAND – Wednesday 30th June

  • 11:30 / 11.30am (NZST)

If the times don’t work for you this week, stay tuned….we have plenty more Live Sessions coming to accommodate different times zones!