July 22, 2021




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Eccentric Stemmed Goblet – With Theo Haralampou from his studio workshop in Brisbane, Australia


Learn to Turn a Goblet…with a Twist!!

In this demonstration Theo shares with us how to turn this attractive eccentric stemmed goblet which has great lines, good balance and is pleasing to the eye.

Does Theo use a special chuck? How does he mark the eccentric divisions, how far does Theo offset …….how many more questions do you have??

Join us in this exciting Live Session, where you can ask unlimited questions and learn together with our International community.

In this project Theo will cover

  • Wood selection and grain direction
  • Hollowing techniques
  • How to off-set turn using the Record Power standard 50mm jaws.
  • Why the direction of eccentricity to the grain is so important.
  • How to turn in air.
  • Why sanding and finishing as you go is so important.

Please check Times and Dates for your Time Zone

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USA & CANADA – Thursday 22nd July

  • 02:30 / 2.30am (PDT) – early morning
  • 03:30 / 3.30am (MDT) – early morning
  • 04:30 / 4.30am (CDT) – early morning
  • 05:30 / 5.30am (EDT) – early morning

SOUTH AMERICA – Thursday 22nd July

  • 05:30 / 5.30am (BOT) – early morning
  • 06:30 / 6.30am (ART) – early morning

UNITED KINGDOM – Thursday 22nd July

  • 10:30 / 10.30am (BST)

EUROPE – Thursday 22nd July

  • 11:30 / 11.30am (CEST)
  • 12:30 / 12.30pm (EEST)

SOUTH AFRICA – Thursday 22nd July

  • 11:30 / 11.30am (SAST)

RUSSIA – Thursday 22nd July

  • 12:30 / 12.30pm (MSK)

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Thursday 22nd July

  • 13:30 / 1.30pm (GST)

AUSTRALIA – Thursday 22nd July

  • 17:30 / 5.30pm (AWST) WA
  • 19:00 / 7.00pm (ACST) SA, NT
  • 19:30 / 7.30pm (AEST) NSW, VIC, TAS, ACT, QLD

NEW ZEALAND – Thursday 22nd July

  • 21:30 / 9.30pm (NZST)

If the times don’t work for you this week, stay tuned….we have plenty more Live Sessions coming to accommodate different times zones!